PSLE Past Year Questions For Maths

PSLE Past Year Questions For Maths

When it is nearing the PSLE, parents and children will start to panic. Parents will start to send their children to tuition centres, spending obscene amounts of money in the process. Just in case you do not know this, the tuition industry in Singapore is worth an estimated  $1 billion dollars in 2016 itself, and it is stated to grow. While the concerned parents can engage tutors to help their child, what about the parents who wish to help their child, but lack the means to? These parents who are more concerned about their child’s education will start to go on a frenzy, trying their best to obtain PSLE past year questions for Maths.

Why are the tuition centres and even the schools using PSLE past year questions for Maths to aid the students’ revision? Why is this important?

PSLE Past Year Questions For Maths

PSLE past year paper

When your child is revising for their primary school examinations and also for the PSLE, their teacher or tutor might give the child practice papers. These practice papers are usually similar to the actual papers that they will attempt during the examinations. These practice papers for Math have the same format as the PSLE math exams that your child will be attempting. In addition, these papers do have questions that are similar to what your child will attempt too.

However, there are still some skeptics who do not believe in the value of PSLE past year questions or papers. So, how important are past year papers or questions for Maths when it comes to revising for PSLE?

How Important Are Past Year Papers When Revising For PSLE?

You may wonder, what is the fuss over all the Past Year Papers for PSLE Math. Some parents and children might negate the importance of the Past Year Papers for PSLE Math simply because they are not exposed to the potential benefits of practicing on them. These are just some of the benefits of practicing or revising for PSLE Math using the PSLE Past Year Papers.

1. Getting Familiarized With The Type Of Questions

One of the top reasons why PSLE Past Year Questions are good is because it really helps the student to get familiarized with how certain questions are being phrased. Also, understanding the typical structure of questions and practicing on them make allows the students to be acquainted with the format of the paper as well as the questions itself. Once the student is familiar with the type of questions for PSLE Math Paper, they will be at lesser risk of being taken aback by a structure that they are not comfortable with.

2. Getting Familiarized With The Answers

It is quite a pity that most students lose precious marks due to unfamiliarity when answering the PSLE Math Paper. When students practice on the PSLE Past Year Question for Maths, they will understand exactly how they should go about answering the same type of question in PSLE. In this case, students will be confident that their answers is exactly what the examiner is looking for.

3. A Good Practice Point For Time Management

As stated in the article Common Time-Consuming PSLE Questions For Speed Practice, students find it tough to complete the PSLE math paper on time. One of the possible reasons your child is unable to complete the PSLE matbh paper on time is due to bad time management. Bad time management occurs when your child spends too long at a question. By practicing on the PSLE Past Year Paper and hence the questions, the student will be able to practice on their time management, which will be an essential skill needed to complete the paper on time.

4. Pinpoint Areas To Improve

By practicing on the PSLE Past Year Papers and hence question for Maths, students will be able to determine which topics requires a closer attention from the student. In for example, if the student did not score well for questions on fractions, the student can then practice more on the area that needs more attention. This is one of the best way to ensure all topics are properly covered by the student!

How To Maximize Usage Of PSLE Past Year Question

Now that you have understood the importance of practicing on the PSLE Past Year Questions, how will you go about fully utilizing them? Here are some essential steps that you will need to take when you want to fully make use of the PSLE Past Year Questions.

1. Start Early

As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”, we strongly believe that if given ample time, your child will be able to practice plentiful of past year PSLE Math questions. This allows you or your child to understand the topics where intervention is needed. This also gives your child a good gauge of his current knowledge as well as his a good understanding of his path towards getting into a school of his choice.

2. Use Past Year PSLE Questions As A Form Of Mock Test

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, yet there are many people who fail to understand how these PSLE past year questions can be a good avenue to act as a Mock Paper. Mock Papers are usually regarded as a close replica of the actual PSLE paper. Imagine if you can allow your child to practice these Mock Paper in controlled conditions. It will allow your child to have ample practice in conditions very similar to what they will face in the actual examinations. In this case, getting your child acquainted with the examination climate as well as the questions will put them one step ahead in their quest to obtain a good result from the paper.

Here are some steps that you can take.

  • Ensure room condition is quiet and conducive.
  • Set a time limit in answering the questions.
  • Ensure strict compliance of no reference materials as well as communication devices.

Of course, upon completion of the Mock Paper, do ensure that you mark the paper itself. Hopefully, the PSLE math paper that you obtained does come with a set of marking scheme.

PSLE Past Year Questions

Where Do I Obtain Free Past Year Questions For PSLE?

In Singapore’s context, we have always been using past year papers as a form of practice. This is extremely true for Mathematics. A quick check of assessment books on past year papers for the PSLE and O levels did show that there are plentiful of them around. These PSLE past year papers can be a good gauge for students to understand and know more about their current level of knowledge. To a certain extend, it also allows the student to know how they fare against their peers.

At least at some of the local stores, a decent PSLE Past Year Paper assessment book can set you back by $10 at least. And usually. the questions a limited too. This means that it is relatively expensive for you to keep up with the myriad of PSLE Past Year Paper assessment books.

It is generally much tougher to obtain the official PSLE Math questions in recent years. The amount of PSLE past year questions for Maths is pretty limited to the official questions from the SEAB itself. As parents, you would know that practice does make perfect. There are indeed many parents who would love to obtain many PSLE Math Questions for their child. These includes PSLE Maths Ratio Questions as well as PSLE Maths Fraction Questions.

However, the main problem is that there are not many PSLE style Math Questions available for free. Most of them require a premium, or most of them are created by curators who do not fully understand what is needed to be able to construct a good quality PSLE-Style Math question. If the students are being tasked to complete questions that are of a lower standard than the PSLE Past Year Questions For Maths, they will most likely be unable to attempt the PSLE Math paper with ease.

To help you, we at KooBits, with our pool of dedicated and passionate advocators of education, have just the resource that you and your child will need. We have compiled a list of questions that are pretty similar to past year questions that came out in PSLE Math Paper. If your child is able to attempt these tough and challenging PSLE Math questions easily, then your child is on his way to excelling in PSLE Mathematics!

In the following section, you will find a couple of questions that commonly appear in PSLE Math Papers. These PSLE Math questions are usually the stumbling block, and if your child has the necessary PSLE Math Drills, they will be able to tackle similar questions with ease!

Question 1

Leah and Andre like to share stickers. If Leah gives 30 stickers to Andre, the ratio of Leah to Andre’s Stickers will be 1 : 5. If Leah gives 70 stickers to Andre, their ratio will be 1 : 9. How many stickers does Leah have?

Question 2

The ratio of Matt to Stanley’s savings was 2 : 7 at first. After Matt saved another $120 and Stanley saved another $30, Matt had twice of Stanley’s savings. How much did Matt have in the end?


The 2 questions above will be questions that a very similar to those that your child will face during PSLE itself. If your child is constantly exposed to this level of PSLE Past Year Questions For Maths, your child would have no problem doing well in the PSLE. Indeed, having a good repertoire of questions and hence a good variety of questions means that your child have a lesser chance of getting caught off guard with question type and format that they are not familiar with.

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My child likes mathematics a lot since he was three year old and as a parent we feel that his mathematics solving ability has been much improved and enhanced after he has been exposed to KooBits


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